GFH Bison, CMR swimmers clash for crosstown meet


C.M. Russell’s Brandon Miller swims in the boys’ 200-yard breaststroke relay during the Great Falls Invitational Relay Meet at Swarthout Fieldhouse pool Saturday. TRIBUNE PHOTO/LARRY BECKNER

In Tuesday’s High School Prep Extra inside the Great Falls Tribune, sports scribe Daniel Mediate has a feature on the crosstown swimming event between the Great Falls High Bison and C.M. Russell High Rustlers.

The clash happens Thursday at 6 p.m. inside Swarthout Fieldhouse at GFH.

Here are a few quotes to get you ready for the rivalry.

Assistant coach Julie Anderson:

“The kids get to pick what events they want to try.”

“It’s always a competition. It’s CMR-Great Falls High. You’re always going to have that. But the kids would complain if we tried to separate them.  It’s pretty much that whole ‘Four Teams, One Family’ thing.”

“People who haven’t seen it kind of go, ‘What’s going on?’ Because the kids will stop. They will be winning like crazy and they just stop and sit there and wait for everyone.”

Be sure to see the boys’ 400-yard freestyle event to understand what Anderson meant with that last quote.

CMR senior Shelby Sechena:

“We have our Senior Night too, it’s a special night and we get to share a lot with each other, our family memories.”

“I can’t believe it’s my last crosstown already. It’s weird that I’m not going to be here this time next year. We will make it worthwhile.”

“It’s so much fun because we are a racing family. You’re family out of the water and you’re friends in the water, so it’s just fun to get out there and race.”

See you at the pool!

–Daniel Mediate


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